Jun. 7th, 2016

Fic for ME!!

The lovely [personal profile] torino10154♥ wrote me a delightful little birthday drabble, with a delicious possessive!Severus! A Change For the Better!
I'd like to pinch Harry's arse, too! :)

And thank you to the wonderful [personal profile] alisanne for her sparkly birthday salutations! Thanks, bb! ♥

Dec. 30th, 2015

Holiday Thank you!

I hope everyone has had lovely holidays this year!

Special thanks go to the wonderful [personal profile] dementordelta, the delightful [personal profile] celandineb (and drabble!), and the lovely [personal profile] felaine for the Christmas cards!

And especially to [personal profile] majmunka who translated my drabble Drastic Measures into Hungarian! Thank you!

Everyone stay safe tomorrow night and have a healthy, happy 2016! ♥