Feb. 12th, 2017

Claiming is Open for Snarryathon2017 at [info]snape_potter

My favorite Snarry fest of the year is coming!

[info]snape_potter Snarry-a-thon17 claiming is open! See all the lovely Snarry prompts HERE

Claiming posts are at DW, LJ, and IJ.

Go chose a prompt or two and join us for Snarryathon17!

Feb. 3rd, 2017

Prompting and Claiming!

[info]snape_potter Snarry-a-thon17 is still taking prompts until 11:59PM(EST) on Monday, February 6! Go leave some lovely Snarry prompts - at DW, IJ, and LJ.

Claiming will then start on Wednesday, February 8, at 12 pm (EST) - and everyone is invited to claim a prompt and write/draw awesome Snarry delights! :)

And don't forget:

♣ Claiming is open at [info]hp_getlucky! Here are the Prompts and here is the Claiming Post! ♣

♣ Low Stress
♣ Self-posting
♣ Lots of fun!

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