Dec. 13th, 2017

A Gorgeous Piece of Snarry Art by mywitch!!

This is Where it All Began is one of two breathtaking Snarry drawings [personal profile] mywitch has created for her 25 Days of Christmas - and this one was for ME!!

The other piece, drawn for [personal profile] alisanne, HERE, is equally wonderful!

If you've never seen this talented artist or just want to see a couple of truly gorgeous drawings of Severus and Harry, I urge you to go look IMMEDIATELY!! Peruse this amazing lady's journal, her drawings are just divine (look for the nekkid Severus one...)!
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Jun. 13th, 2016

A Birthday Fic for ME!

Run - don't walk - over to [personal profile] alisanne's journal and read the delightful and delicious fic she has gifted me with, Heat Wave!

This is a lovely Snarry, set after the war with our boys in my favorite setting - Hogwarts! Harry has an epiphany that will change the entire course of their friendship - deliciously so!

Hot and steamy in more ways that one!

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Jun. 12th, 2015

A Lovely Fic for ME!

The amazing [personal profile] alisanne wrote me a deliciously hot fic for my birthday! You really need to read it as it is the sweet combination our boys getting together with a little help!

Life’s Simple Pleasures is a delightful treat and perfect after a lonng week!

[personal profile] alisanne!!
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Sep. 21st, 2014

Recs from snape_potter's Road Not Taken Fest

Despite helping teach a class, I had time to read the Road Not Taken Fest stories last week at [community profile] snape_potter and found a couple of them that I thought were exceptional, in my warm and fuzzy humble opinion:

Crossovers aren't usually my thing, but I found The Dreaming well worth reading – a delightful mixture of the Matrix and HP, it was complex, fast paced, and action packed! This was a wonderfully original tale, yet Snarry through and through. An awesome story!

To me, The Nameless Road is the story of what might have happened had Harry woken up on the Dursleys' doorstep the night he was left there and toddled off, as a fifteen-month-old might do. The teenager who Severus finds is Muggle-raised, confused, but so endearingly our Harry that it adds to the poignancy of the story. A hefty 40K words, but by the time I got to the end, I wanted it to just keep going. This is an amazing story and a must read.

Here is the round-up for the first week – there are other lovely fics there as well. Brand new Snarry is always such a treat to read and please remember to leave a comment for the author if you find them as delightful as I did!
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Oct. 6th, 2013

Recs and Stuff

The past month has been crazy hard, both at work and home, made even worse by the negativity that seems to be everywhere at the moment. Work, coworkers, family, and even extending to fandom - in a time of already distressing problems, listening to all the negative comments is difficult.

So, I thought I'd do a couple things to see if I could become a bit more upbeat. I will write a drabble for anyone who can correctly guess which two fics I wrote in the [community profile] snape_potter First Time for Everything Fest
I write Severus and Harry, in a number of roles (slash, Severitus, Mentor), pick a genre and 'verse if you like, and a one or two word prompt. Comments are screened. :)

Secondly, I thought I'd point out a few of the stories from the fest that I especially liked:

Dancing in the Dark A unique look at the Deathly Hallows and Harry.

Three Firsts and One Forever This is a lovely, feel-good tale of growing old together.

With Me This is a short fic that really rings true.

At a Snape’s Pace A delightful story of miscommunications between Harry and Severus.

I Like What You See Another delightful, feel good story.

A Lovers' Tale This one is simply yummy - honeymoon smexing.

Grand Romantic Gesture Every couple has some conflict and this story illustrates it very well.

Boy H.E.R.O. I especially like the writer's unique way of getting Severus and Harry together.

Not the First Time for a First Time I really liked this story of their love.

The First Disciple I enjoy a good mystery, especially when it adds romance as this one does.

These are the stories I especially enjoyed and there are a wide variety of other stories - if you enjoy Severus and Harry interacting, you're sure to find something you like at this fest.
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May. 2nd, 2013

A few more Art Recs from Snarry-a-thon

Here are several pieces of art that I really enjoyed from [community profile] snape_potter's Snarryathon:

Someone to Watch Over Me This piece truly illustrates the deep, quiet caring that Severus has for Harry. The colors are so deep and vibrant - very nice.


Waiting for the Train I really like the emotion that is evident in this piece. Harry's face is especially poignant, drawn a bit differently by the not-so-mystery artist, I can see the utter sadness in his eyes.


Abridged Snarry Calendar This one is just all kinds of fun!

Feb. 14th, 2013

Anti-Valentine's Day Mini-fest at severus_sighs

The AVD mini-fest at [community profile] severus_sighs is a quaint little fest that celebrates Severus' aversion to all things hearts and flowers. While many of the entries to tend towards the angst and heart-break side of our favorite Slytherin, there are gems of light and happy amid the #teamangst entries.

The mods, [profile] roozetter and [profile] atypicalsnaowman, are such lovely people, that I have two entries in the fest myself. Although, both Attributes and Awkward Arrangements, are locked as there is a bit of smexing involved - just friend the community to read them.

Another fabulous entry, in my opinion, is Keeping Secrets by the talented [personal profile] alisanne which features suspicious!Snape and a determined Harry and leads to a satisfying, lip-locking ending!

Be Mine as I am Yours by [personal profile] torino10154 is another gem that features a lovely jealous!Snape and an ending that took me by surprise! Don't let the warnings bother you...really! :)

There are a variety of offerings - both fic and art - something to suit everyone's taste and angst levels!

Treat yourself today and go have a look - leave some love for those you like!

♥ Happy Valentine's Day! ♥
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