May. 20th, 2013

Anyone going to Leaky Con in Portland next month?

If you are thinking of going to Leaky Con in Portland next much, [personal profile] alisanne and I, (maybe/possibly/Ihope [personal profile] dementordelta as well) are going to merge the infamous Snarry Suite with the lovely ladies of Lubricus to host the Slash Suite! Go join the comm on LJ to keep abreast of all the latest news!

Planning is in its early stages, but the suite will be located at the Crowne Plaza Hotel next to the convention center. Please leave a comment with any idea or suggestions you might have for activities, meet-up goodies/swag, food, drinks, or DESSERT!

I'm getting excited to see everyone! ♥

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More details to come. Join [profile] slashsuite for the latest.