Feb. 14th, 2013

Anti-Valentine's Day Mini-fest at severus_sighs

The AVD mini-fest at [community profile] severus_sighs is a quaint little fest that celebrates Severus' aversion to all things hearts and flowers. While many of the entries to tend towards the angst and heart-break side of our favorite Slytherin, there are gems of light and happy amid the #teamangst entries.

The mods, [profile] roozetter and [profile] atypicalsnaowman, are such lovely people, that I have two entries in the fest myself. Although, both Attributes and Awkward Arrangements, are locked as there is a bit of smexing involved - just friend the community to read them.

Another fabulous entry, in my opinion, is Keeping Secrets by the talented [personal profile] alisanne which features suspicious!Snape and a determined Harry and leads to a satisfying, lip-locking ending!

Be Mine as I am Yours by [personal profile] torino10154 is another gem that features a lovely jealous!Snape and an ending that took me by surprise! Don't let the warnings bother you...really! :)

There are a variety of offerings - both fic and art - something to suit everyone's taste and angst levels!

Treat yourself today and go have a look - leave some love for those you like!

♥ Happy Valentine's Day! ♥
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