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Sep. 8th, 2014

Positive Meme - Day 3/5

For Day 3:

1> I'm thankful to enjoy good health and hope to be like my Mom, who at 77, is doing pretty dang well!

2> I'm grateful that HP fandom and writing fluffy, feel-good fanfiction is still my #1 stress reliever.

3> I enjoy visiting Las Vegas for the glitz and glamour (and food!) – I'd really love to have an
HP/Snarry meet-up there some day! (Oh, come on – you know Dumbledore would have adored Vegas!) What do
you think [personal profile] alisanne?


Sep. 7th, 2014

Positive Meme - Day 2/5

For day 2, I think I will concentrate on fandom friends:

1> I love HP cons and get togethers – where else can you meet the authors of those fabulous and hot fics you love to read? Where else do you get to be a fangirl to the likes of [personal profile] alisanne, [personal profile] accioslash, [personal profile] dementordelta, and [personal profile] sassy_cissa?
2> To have those aforementioned fabulous ladies become your friends. Add to those some awesome on-line friends who you are dying to really meet, like [personal profile] emynn, [profile] tornio10154, and [personal profile] sevfan.
3> To have one of them become a treasured friend, who invites you into their home, puts up with you as a con roommate, and who is always there to encourage you. [personal profile] alisanne is that kind of friend. ♥ ♥

Maybe there is something to this positive stuff! :)

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