The Headmaster's Visit ~ Severus & Harry - PG

Title: The Headmaster's Visit
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating :PG
Pairing: Severus Snape & Harry Potter
Author: [info]lilyseyes
Word Count: 100 x 6
Prompt: #26: Tea with rum / #27: Sledding / #28: Snowflake
Warnings: *AU, Harry rescued from the Dursleys, implied past child abuse, Harry is eight-years-old *
Disclaimer: JKR owns the Potterverse – I just play in it. No money is made from these amateur works.
Summary: Severus and Harry, Christmas 1988
Little Harry series.

Severus tipped another splash of rum into his teacup, holding it up in silent question to Minerva, who sighed and nodded. They both went back to watching Harry circle over the garden on his new broom.

"You've heard nothing yet?"

Severus shook his head. "I'm sure the Headmaster will want to verify that Harry's no longer in Surrey."

"You are remarkably calm," Minerva told him, eyeing his jumper. "Harry's gift?"

Severus allowed a small smile. "Yes, he believes it's my favorite color." He took a deep breath. "I have to be calm or I could lose everything."

"Calming draught?"


Harry held onto his dad's legs as they flew down the slope beyond the garden on the sled that Aunt Minerva gave him for Christmas. Dad had charmed the mushy snow so that they could go sledding on it. They hit the bottom and Harry rolled off, laughing as he stood up.

A crack had Dad grabbing Harry and pushing him behind him as an old man with a long beard appeared at the edge of the garden. Harry could feel his dad stiffen and he peeked around his leg.

"Ah, Severus! What a delightful way to spend an afternoon!"

Clenching his teeth, Severus inclined his head in acknowledgement. "Albus."

Dumbledore took a step closer. "And this must be Henry."

Severus wasn't going to play game;, steering Harry out in front of him with a hand on his shoulder. "This is my son, Harry." Severus gave Harry a reassuring look. "Harry, this is Headmaster Dumbledore."

Harry stiffened. "Dumbledore?" He gave the headmaster an intense look. "You’re the one who dumped me on my relatives! They hated you almost as much as they hated me."

Stunned, Severus almost missed the flash of pain on Dumbledore's face.

"Perhaps we should go inside."

Harry was leery of their visitor and stayed close to his dad as they sat on the couch. No one was supposed to know he wasn't at his relatives' house, but he wasn't going to leave his dad.

"Now, Severus, Harry must be kept safe—"

"Sir," Harry interrupted, grabbing Severus' hand as his stomach knotted. "I 'dopted Sev'rus and he's my dad now. He takes care of me and loves me!"

"I'm sure he does, my child, but you need more—"

Harry felt himself start to shake, his magic stirring, and there was a flash of bright light.

Severus blinked rapidly as he pulled Harry onto his lap, the residual sparkle of magical light absorbed into him and Harry's skin. Burying his face in Severus' robes, Harry let out a sob and Severus glared at Dumbledore as he rubbed Harry's back.

"I'm sorry, Daddy," Harry whispered.

Severus hugged him even harder. "It's all right, no one is going to separate us."

A subdued headmaster stepped closer. "I was attempting to tell you a room has been added to your quarters, Severus, so your son could join you there."

Harry stilled and Severus looked up, giving a stiff nod.

Harry leaned against his dad and carefully sipped his hot cocoa as the adults talked over his head. He knew they were discussing the Dursleys and why Severus had rescued him, but Harry didn't mind because he was never going back there. Dad said that Harry's magic had decided to protect them both and he was proud of Harry.

As he looked out the window, Harry could see snowflakes falling and he smiled. More snow meant they could go out sledding tomorrow.

Living at Hogwarts with his dad sounded okay, Harry thought, he just wondered if he could take his sled.


Some anxious moments there. Sounds like everything is going to be all right though.
Nothing worthwhile is ever easy! Thanks! :)
Read the previous chapter earlier this morning and was fretting about Dumbledore's impending visit. Am happier (and delighted-with-his-sled Harry is adorable) but still concerned about Dumbledore's intentions.

*Hugs* and *Merry Christmas* and *Happy New Year!*
*hugs you back*

Hopefully, Dumbles will get the message! :)
This "adopting Severus" thing is really cute as hell <3 makes me grin like silly :D I'm relieved that Dumbles was just ignorant not mean.
Harry is going to stay with his daddy in spite of that mean old man.
LOL! Yes, indeed - his magic decreed it! :) Take that Dumbledore!
Definitely! I think Severus likes having been adopted! :)

:Looks like Dumbles' hands are tied, even if he did want to separate them. I confess I'm still a bit suspicious, though...
And I love Harry's protective instincts. :)
*hugs* We'll have to keep an eye on that old man!

♥ So glad you liked it, bb!
Go Harry for sticking to your guns!
Harry definitely doesn't ever want to go back to the Dursleys! :)
That was intense. I really feared that Dumbledore would try to take Harry back to the Dursleys. But thankfully Harry has 'dopted his Severus and won't let anyone seperate them. ^^

Thank you.
I'm not sure that Dumbledore wasn't trying to persuade Severus to take him back, but Harry put an end to that! :)
Well done! Set Dumbledore in his place-check! Irrevocably joined Sevreus and Harry-check! Have a Merry Christmas-check!
Thank you!

Have a lovely New Year!