The Perfect Gift II ~ Severus & Harry ~ PG

Title: The Perfect Gift II
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating :PG
Pairing: Severus Snape & Harry Potter
Author: [info]lilyseyes
Word Count: 100 x 5
Prompt: #24: Church bells at midnight / #25: Puppy tangled in ribbon
Warnings: *AU, Harry rescued from the Dursleys, implied past child abuse, Harry is eight-years-old *
Disclaimer: JKR owns the Potterverse – I just play in it. No money is made from these amateur works.
Summary: Severus and Harry, Christmas 1988
Little Harry series.

Harry hummed as he smoothed the paper around the gift he'd gotten for his dad. Cutting a piece of spellotape, Harry taped a corner of the lumpy package and, just to make sure, added another piece of tape.


Hiding the gift under his bed, Harry trotted to the living room. His dad was kneeling in front of the Floo, holding a little black puppy tangled in ribbon. "Can you help me watch this creature for a while?"

Harry nodded exuberantly.

"Come sit here."

Harry did as he was told, grinning when his dad set the puppy in his lap.

Severus smiled, covering Harry and the puppy with a blanket where they laid curled together on the couch. The two had gotten on very well and Severus was sure Harry would love to have a dog of his own someday. The faint sound of the church bells ringing midnight surprised Severus; he'd had no idea it was so late. He was glad he was ready for morning.

"Severus!" Minerva called as the Floo flared green.

"Come through," Severus told her.

Minerva gracefully stepped out. "Thank you for your assistance, Severus, my granddaughter appreciated it. However, I have bad news, unfortunately."

Harry opened his eyes slowly, blinking at the blur of colored lights. Sitting up, Harry remembered falling asleep on the couch with the puppy he was watching for Auntie Minerva. He found his glasses on the table and slipped them on, gasping as the Christmas tree came into focus. Sev—Dad had let him fall asleep in front of the tree! Harry grinned, happiness welling up inside him.

His eyes widened further when Harry saw there were extra presents under the tree, including the one he'd gotten for his dad. Too excited to sleep, Harry decided to make Christmas breakfast.

It was the smell of something cooking that woke Severus just after dawn. Groaning, he buried his head under the pillow, until Minerva's warning surfaced in his wakening brain— Dumbledore has found Harry's Father Christmas letter!

Severus threw off the covers and stood, Summoned his dressing gown. He wasn'tt going to let anyone spoil Harry's Christmas. His adoption of Harry was legal by Muggle standards and the Blood Adoption might be old magic, but it was recognized by the Ministry.

"Harry Christmas, Dad!" Harry greeted him with a hug when he entered the kitchen.

Severus returned it. "Happy Christmas, son."

Harry flew slowly around the garden on his new broom that Father Christmas gave him, grinning at his dad, who watched closely. Dad loved the bright green jumper that Harry had bought him, even though the sleeves were a little too long. He told Harry that the sleeves would help keep his wand hand warm, when Harry was afraid his dad didn't like his gift.

It was the best Christmas Harry had ever had, with so many presents, but the best had been Severus becoming his dad. No one could ever separate them now.


Love it.
Thank you!
I hope Minerva's warning is more of a friendly hint than the foreshadow of trouble?

Thank you for letteing these two have such a nice Christmas - and for sharing their story with us!
Harry's not going to let anything interfere with his family!

Thanks! :)
I hope DD's hands are tied and that the old magic is enough to protect Harry. *crosses fingers*
So nice to see Harry so carefree and happy. *cuddles him*
Lovely installment!
I'm sure Severus has all his ducks in a row! :D

Thanks, bb! ♥
A bright green jumper for his Slytherin dad. Perfect choice. :)
I can just picture an excite, anxious Harry watching Severus open a jumper that is bright green and something he wouldn't be seen dead in! And Severus would love it because Harry had picked it out! :)
Awww the puppy is cute but not as cute as Harry! i love sweater!
I not sure Severus loves the sweater, but he'll wear it forever, being the first gift Harry gave him.!