Returning Hero

Title: Returning Hero
Author: [info]lilyseyes
Rating : R
Word Count: 100 x 6
Challenge: [info]snarry100 #449: Permission / #450: Available / and for [info]torino10154's Blow Job Friday.
Warnings: *AU, post war, reference to past violence *
Disclaimer: JKR owns the Potterverse – I own none of them. No money is made from these amateur works, which are presented for amusement purposes only.
Summary: Harry Potter has done everything that has been asked of him, but now, facing an uncertain future, he's determined to do something just for himself.
A/N: Started for [info]hp_may_madness, earlier parts of this series can be found at Harry's Future.

Unsure as to whether he had permission to go through the Headmistress' office, Harry led Severus up the stairs to the rooms he'd occupied the prior year. All of Harry's belongings had already been moved to Severus' rooms by Jensy and they didn't linger.

"Nervous?" he asked as they walked down the steps side by side towards the Great Hall.

Severus turned his head slightly to look at Harry. "Not all of my former colleagues will be as forgiving of my actions as Minerva has been. My time as Headmaster was unpleasant for many of the staff."

Harry moved closer.


Harry was startled by Madam Pomfrey's exuberant cry and stepped in front of Severus, only to be knocked out of the way as she threw her arms around him.

"You look wonderful, Severus!" The matron told him tearfully. "I do wish I'd known you were in the castle, I'd have made myself available anytime!"

"Had I been conscious, Poppy, I would've demanded your presence at once." Severus assured her.

"With your permission, Severus, I'd like to check you over after dinner," Pomfrey said, dabbing her eyes.

Harry grinned as Severus rolled his eyes. "Brilliant idea, Madam Pomfrey," he agreed.

The rest of the staff was more subdued in their greetings, but seemed to welcome Severus. Harry thoroughly enjoyed the meal, the fare lighter than the food usually served students. When he commented on the fresh produce, Professor Sprout gestured with her fork towards the kitchens.

"House-elves have permission to use all the available edibles in the greenhouses this summer."

Severus scowled, stabbing a dandelion leaf with his fork. "Is no one brewing the medicinal potions this summer?"

Pomfrey and Sprout exchanged glances, while McGonagall cleared her throat. "I was going to ask if you might consider resuming the brewing."

Harry was surprised. He hadn't given any thought to their future, except to stay together. He met Severus' eyes and, with a nod, gave him permission to speak for them both.

"I would have to give it some thought as to my availability, Minerva," Severus told the Headmistress. "My recovery's taken precedent over any other plans up to now, but I could entertain the idea of teaching again."

"Please do, Severus, as both the Potions and Defense positions are open, should you believe yourself in a position to accept one or the other."

"I'll give it my utmost priority, Minerva."

"That went well," Harry said, pulling on his sleep pants as Severus disrobed.

"Yes," Severus answered thoughtfully, standing naked by the fireplace. "I wasn't aware both positions here were available."

Without waiting for permission, Harry knelt in front of him, taking Severus' cock in hand. It began to fill as Harry swiped his tongue across the head. Cupping his balls, Harry slid the hardening cock into his mouth, swirling his tongue as he sucked. Groaning, Severus slid his fingers into Harry's hair, as Harry bobbed his head. Severus stiffen suddenly and Harry swallowed every drop of the warm, salty come.

Pulling Harry to his feet, Severus kissed him hard before pushing Harry down onto the bed. Harry scrambled to grab to the first thing available as Severus Banished his sleep pants and swallowed his throbbing cock to the root. He arched up, spilling himself into Severus' mouth in an embarrassingly short time.

Tucking them both into bed, Severus drew Harry against him and kissed his temple. "What do you think of Minerva's offer?"

"Brilliant, if you want to go back," Harry yawned. "You're the returning hero, the kids will be thrilled."

"Somehow I doubt that," Severus snorted.

"You're my hero."


That did go well. *sigh of relief* Convenient that there are two positions open, too. ;) Also, super hot! :D Great job.
Thank you! We'll see if Severus wants to stay. :)
Yay for Severus' warm welcome back into the fold.
And yes, I think the two open positions is a fortunate thing indeed. ;)
Yummy sex, bb. I love seeing the boys so happy together. <3
If he stays, I'm not sure which position Severus would pick! :)

Thank you, bb! ♥
Excellent multi-use of Friday theme. So glad others welcome Sev back.

Perhaps Our Heroes will share positions ;)

Good work, happy holidays.

COS: Is your address the same as always?
*hugs* Thank you! :)

Yes, still the same address! ♥
Ah! I suspect Minerva has lots of plans for them!

And lovely!
LOL! I think you are right! Thank you!
Very good.
Thank you!
Even though this meal went suprisingly well, I cannot help but be concerned that there is some trouble waiting...
But it truly is convenient that two teaching positions are open ;)
Thank you! It went almost too easy - :)

Well done! So now there are 2 positions and 2 boys. . . . LOL
LOL - thank you!