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The Reckoning

Title: The Reckoning
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating :PG
Pairing: Severus/Harry
Author: [info]lilyseyes
Word Count:400x2
Prompt: [info]adventdrabbles #25/Christmas Tree - #26/Sand Snowman Santa - #27/Gingerbread House - #28/Holiday Penguins
Warnings: *AU, touch of angst *
Disclaimer: JKR owns the Potterverse – I just use the characters for fun. No money is made from these amateur works.
Summary: After his recovery and acquittal, Headmaster Snape wants to prove he is qualified to do the job on his own merit. He distances himself from the one person who has been constantly at his side since the Battle of Hogwarts and his staunchest supporter, Harry Potter.
A/N: This drabble follows The Rescue, The Escape, The Conundrum, The Summons, The Warning, The Misinterpretation, The Nightmare, The Discovery, and The Epiphany.

Harry laid quietly in his bed, head propped up on a pillow and his fingers nervously pleated and unpleated the edge of the duvet. His head still throbbed and his chest felt heavy, despite the potions he'd been given. He felt sick and still achy, but nothing like he had before. Snape said he'd taken care of him, of them, since yesterday afternoon, but Harry was beginning to think this was just another bizarre dream.

Harry could hear Snape moving around in the other room, talking softly to Duchess. The puppies were crawling around in the area that Snape had spelled next to the bed, so Harry could see them. All of these acts were completely out of character for the Snape that Harry had dealt with since his acquittal. More likely he was in some torturous hallucination where Severus Snape actually smiled at him. Harry wasn't sure what to belief and wondered if he looked out the window if he'd see sand had replaced the snow that fell yesterday. That the snowman he'd built with the younger kids was really made of snow.


Sure he was hallucinating; Harry lifted his head and took in the sight of Snape, dressed in a jumper and trousers, in the doorway to his bedroom. He closed his eyes and shook his head.

"Potter!" Snape bit out. "Pay attention when I'm speaking to you!"

Harry's eyes snapped open and he found Snape next to the bed. "Yes, sir!"

"Drink this!"

Obediently, Harry tilted the vial of potion into his mouth and swallowed, shuddering at the taste. Snape's fingers brushed his as Harry handed the vial back to him, sending a jolt of sensation through him. Meeting Snape's eyes, Harry could tell he wasn't the only one to feel it. Snape studied his face for a long moment and Harry tried to smile, unsure of why he was being scrutinized. At last, something in Snape's face relaxed and Harry watched as the dark eyes filled with warm.

"As you are unable to care for yourself or your responsibilities at the moment, you have the choice of the hospital wing," Snape said quietly, slowly sitting on the bed facing him. "Or staying in my rooms until you are well."

Snape reached over and took Harry's hand, Harry sucking in a breath as he felt the same jolt as their magic intermingled where their skin met.

Severus was inexplicably nervous as he levitated Harry, holding the dogs, through the corridors. His rooms were prepared, a stately evergreen tree found and aglow with dozens of golden fairy lights in the sitting room. He settled Harry on the couch, Duchess immediately jumping down to explore. Severus set the puppies on the floor, flicking his wand at each of them in turn.

Harry burst out laughing. "You put nappies on the babies!"

Watching the transformation in Harry's face, Severus knew he was lost. Now he just had to figure out how to correct the problems he had obviously created.

"Indeed, I'll not be casting a Scouring Charm on this floor." Severus said as he removed his outer robes and hung them by the door.

Turning back, Severus hesitated. Harry watched him, slowly extended his hand. Severus moved cautiously, sitting on the edge of the couch, before taking Harry's hand in his. Harry stared at him, chewing on his lips as he watched Severus' reaction. All Severus could think of was rescuing that lip, with his own.

"I believe I owe you an apology," Severus began, pushing on despite Harry shaking his head. "Yes, I do. I deliberately pushed you away as I didn't wish to rely on your influence. You'd already done so much and I wanted—" Severus paused fractionally before continuing. "I needed to prove that the faith you placed in me was justified."

Harry's fingers tightened around his and he drew a deep breath. "I thought you had decided I'd served my purpose and that I wasn't mature enough to want a friendship with. Worse, I thought you'd realized my crush on the Half-blood Prince had shifted to you and you simply weren't interested, or were disgust—"

Severus' hand tightened involuntarily, he hadn't ever dreamed Harry might return his affections. "That would've been hypocritical of me. I imagined that my attraction was unrequited."

Harry sat up and leaned towards Severus, who couldn't help but mimic the motion, his eyes focused on Harry's lips. They jumped apart at the sound of a house-elf appearing beside them. Ledo had a knowing look in his eyes as he held a tea tray containing a colourful gingerbread house and a plate of biscuits that looked like holiday penguins with tartan scarves.

"Mistress Minerva is thinking Harry Potter needs Headmaster Dumbledore's favorite tea."

Severus could only groan as Harry laughed.

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