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The Misinterpretation

Title: The Misinterpretation
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating :PG
Pairing: Severus/Harry
Author: [info]lilyseyes
Word Count: 400 x 2
Prompt: [info]adventdrabbles #7/Spirit of Yule - #8/Snowball Fight - #9/Nutcracker
Warnings: *AU, touch of angst *
Disclaimer: JKR owns the Potterverse – I just use the characters for fun. No money is made from these amateur works.
Summary: After his recovery and acquittal, Headmaster Snape wants to prove he is qualified to do the job on his own merit. He distances himself from the one person who has been constantly at his side since the Battle of Hogwarts and his staunchest supporter, Harry Potter.
A/N: This drabble follows The Rescue, The Escape, The Conundrum, The Summons, and The Warning.

Harry stormed away from the Headmaster's office, his mood foul. How dare the git remind him that Ron and Hermione needed time to themselves! His friends had been careful not to make Harry feel like he was a bother, but he knew that there couldn't be three people in a relationship. It didn't matter; Harry'd always been alone, really. It was one of the reasons Harry was determined to keep Duchess and her puppies a secret, he won't let anyone, even Snape, take them away from him.


Harry whirled around, ready for a confrontation until he realized it was Professor McGonagall who had called him. Taking a deep breath, Harry conjured up a smile for his Head of House.

She eyed him suspiciously as stopped in front of him. "You were expecting someone else, Potter?"

"No, ma'am," Harry mumbled, looking down.

"Hmmm," McGonagall said, before bringing her hand up. "I wanted to give you this."

Harry was surprised when she handed him a flat box tied with a ribbon.

"In the spirit of Yule, which my family celebrates, a small token, Harry." McGonagall patted his arm as he took the gift. "You've come a long way this year and accomplishing so much, I wanted to give you a little something. Happy Yule, Mr. Potter."

McGonagall patted his arm before she turned and walked on while Harry stared at the package, wrapped in crimson paper and a tartan ribbon. "Don't ever settle for less than happiness."

"Thank you, Professor," Harry said, finding his voice. "Happy Christmas, uh, and Yule!"

The elderly witch lifted her hand as she moved down the corridor. Harry continued to his room, where Duchess and the puppies greeted him enthusiastically. Smiling, Harry lifted the little male, holding him against his chest.

"I was only gone a half—"

Harry stopped short. There on the table was a box of Honeyduke's chocolates tied with a green ribbon. Moving forward cautiously, Harry read the tag.

A gift in the Spirit of Yule!

There was no card on it, yet Harry knew the sender had to be someone within Hogwarts as only a house-elf could have delivered it. Setting the puppy down, Harry opened the box McGonagall gave him. It was set of parchment writing paper with his name embossed in green and Harry reached in, running his fingertips over the smooth surface.

Perhaps, in the Spirit of Yule…

Severus stared out his office window, watching the students who had elected to stay at Hogwarts for the holidays pummel each other with snowballs. It brought to mind those days when he and Lily had been an unbeatable team when it came to snowball fights with Tuney and other children in the neighborhood. That'd been before Hogwarts, before life had become complicated by puberty and politics.

"Severus?" Minerva's voice broke into his thoughts.

Turning around, Severus saw that his deputy had her traveling cloak on and a small wrapped box in her hand. "I see you're ready to go."

Minerva gave him a small smile. "Home in time for the Solstice celebration," she said as she handed him the box and looked around. "I'm glad to see you included evergreen garlands this year, Severus, and the mistletoe is a nice touch."

Severus restrained the urge to roll his eyes and Summoned her gift from his desk. "Enjoy your holiday and give Angus my regards."

"Honeydukes new chocolate covered cherries!" Minerva slipped the box into her small handbag. "Those should go delightfully with my Macallan." She patted his arm. "Do try to enjoy the holiday, Severus, and keep an eye on Potter."

Snorting, Severus watched as she swept toward the door. "I'll see you Boxing Day, Minerva."

He stood in the middle of the room staring at the small wooden Nutcracker his mother had given him as a boy, until the fading light told him it was almost dinner time. His mind swirled as he tried to reason out where his strategy to protect Potter had spiraled beyond his control. A soft ping preceded the appearance of a parchment envelope, his name written in lock letters across the front.

Frowning, Severus cast a detection spell on the letter but found none and slowly picked it up.

Professor Snape,

I'd like to apologize for my behavior in your office. I should have gotten angry or yelled at you. You were just pointing out the truth and truly, unlovable speaks for itself. I had hope that you'd at least be willing to speak with me, but I won't bother you again with my pathetic attempts at conversation.

Happy Christmas and a Happy Yule.

Harry Potter

Something inside Severus went cold at the phrasing of the message. Could Potter actually do something to harm himself? And why did the thought bother Severus so deeply?

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