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The past month has been crazy hard, both at work and home, made even worse by the negativity that seems to be everywhere at the moment. Work, coworkers, family, and even extending to fandom - in a time of already distressing problems, listening to all the negative comments is difficult.

So, I thought I'd do a couple things to see if I could become a bit more upbeat. I will write a drabble for anyone who can correctly guess which two fics I wrote in the [community profile] snape_potter First Time for Everything Fest
I write Severus and Harry, in a number of roles (slash, Severitus, Mentor), pick a genre and 'verse if you like, and a one or two word prompt. Comments are screened. :)

Secondly, I thought I'd point out a few of the stories from the fest that I especially liked:

Dancing in the Dark A unique look at the Deathly Hallows and Harry.

Three Firsts and One Forever This is a lovely, feel-good tale of growing old together.

With Me This is a short fic that really rings true.

At a Snape’s Pace A delightful story of miscommunications between Harry and Severus.

I Like What You See Another delightful, feel good story.

A Lovers' Tale This one is simply yummy - honeymoon smexing.

Grand Romantic Gesture Every couple has some conflict and this story illustrates it very well.

Boy H.E.R.O. I especially like the writer's unique way of getting Severus and Harry together.

Not the First Time for a First Time I really liked this story of their love.

The First Disciple I enjoy a good mystery, especially when it adds romance as this one does.

These are the stories I especially enjoyed and there are a wide variety of other stories - if you enjoy Severus and Harry interacting, you're sure to find something you like at this fest.
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I just want to say thank you for your offer but I a lousy at guessing to I will not. LOL I hope everything goes much much much! better for you in the future. Please do keep writing-I love all of your fics and you characters. Thank you for listening. *huggggggssssss*
I'll always write and share - even if its just in my own journal! *hugs*

Give me a prompt and I'll write something for you!
BTW, I didn't 'guess' cuz I kinda know, but if you want me to I will. *g* After all, it's not like I'll ever say no to Lily!fic. ;)
I'll always write you fic, bb! Hit me with a prompt! ♥
Thanks for the rec list. I always look forward to them because we have similar taste in stories, so I know I'm going to read something good.

I'm sorry that things have been so stressful lately. People suck sometimes, and they usually all decide to be jerks at the same time. *hugs*

*hugs* Thank so much - people do seem to all be bad at the same time!

If you'll give me a prompt, I'll write you a drabble. :)
I'm terrible guesser and won't even try, but I'm so sorry the evil vibes are all around you.
That is rough when work, home and fandom combine.
There has been quite a bit of anti-squee from some sources.
I hate to read and see it.
*sends Lucius to poke them with his pimp cane*
Thank you so much, sweetie! Give me a prompt and I'll write you something! :)
MMM, LilyFic.

Pairing: Snarry from Breathe or SUI series.
Or if that doesn't fit your plans for them, then Charlie/Draco.

Prompt: Spiders and Snakes.

Okay, I'll play your game. ^-^ First, I am going to believe that you wouldn't recc your own work...

So, which two strikes me as something you would write?
"The Exception Proves The Rule" - just has the flow you use in your drabbles in the Breathe series.

"Solstice Magic" I have no reason other than the Severus just reminds me of yours.

*grins* Now, if you can guess the one I wrote, I will write you a quick drabble with the same parameters as you stated above. Okay, the drabble might be not so quick or short, but I will get it out when I can. ^-^
Thanks for trying! :) Give me a prompt and I'll write you a drabble!
You are welcome. Anything to help someone else smile...well not anything, Severus would scold me severely for promising that. *grins* As I didn't succeed, I didn't earn a reward... but you offered it anyway. Are you a Hufflepuff... or are you a Slytherin gathering favours? *eyes Lily carefully* I'm going to take my chances here on the Puff theory.

Slash - pumpkin pie No universe needed.

Now, since you are being a Puff and offering me this wonderful opportunity scot-free, I will return the favor. Throw me a prompt, possible universe if wanted (all my universes are over on FFnet in my profile, which is also sheankelor), and a type of relationship. I'll see if I can keep to roughly 100 words.
Thank you! Your drabble is Here!
Thank you. ^-^

Is my offer rejected? *give big eyes at Lily* I don't handle rejection well...*grins*
Real life has been insane lately with some bad call at work! How about a prompt of: relieving stress
Is this a Snarry, Severitis, Mentor, Friendship? I think I can pull off the middle two and know I can do the first and last. And can I go over the 100 word limit?

*offers a large cup of tea and a box that will magically be filled with Lily's favorite candy.* I hope work settles down soon, and real life becomes less insane.
Snarry is good and the length is totally up to young.

Thank you!
*grinning cheekily* I thought about asking the young ones how long, but opted against it.

It is ready for you... and I will say that it is an interesting side world that this one took me in. I do hope you enjoy. Here is your link Wrestling with Stress
I'm sorry - you always seem to find my typos! I apologize-
As for stories, I think you wrote All or Nothing and The Exception Proves the Rule.
You came the closed - I did write All or Nothing! Give me a prompt, bb!