Treasured Breath ~ SS/HP ~ R

Title: Treasured Breath
Rating : R
Author: [info]lilyseyes
Word Count: 100 x 6
Challenge:[info]snarry100 #381: Birthday Celebration
Warnings: * Implied Mpreg*
Disclaimer: JKR owns the Potterverse – I just play in it. No money is made from these amateur works.
Summary: Glimpses life with the Potter-Snape family. Another in the Breathe Series
A/N: Happy Birthday Harry and little Severus! ♥ ♥ ♥

Sevvy smiled as Aunty Poppy passed him his favorite pasta with truffles. Ash sat beside him, happily eating everything on his plate while Jace poked the food with his spoon. Lulu sat across the table, between Daddy and Papa, with Aunty Minerva and Belinda. They'd had a party yesterday for his and Daddy's birthday, but today Sevvy had chosen dinner with their special aunties and his favorite foods. He'd even helped Daddy, Dooby, and Kreacher cook the Beef Wellington and make the green buttermilk icing for his almond cake.

Sevvy loved being old enough to choose his own birthday celebration!

Jacien frowned at the new food that Aunty put on his plate. He watched as Sevvy took a bite and made a happy face as he chewed it. Scooping a piece of pasta onto his spoon, Jacien cautiously put it into his mouth. It was a different taste, almost creamy like their milk, but different.

"It's delicious, isn't it, Jace?" Sevvy asked.

Jacien nodded hesitantly, wanting to please his brother, but wasn't sure about the pasta. He scooped more onto his spoon and put it inside a little piece of the Well'ngton stuff, popping it into his mouth.

That was yummy!

Laurel giggled at Jace as she watched him try Sevvy's pasta. She loved the special food, but knew they couldn't eat it all the time. Aunty Poppy said it was too rich and might upset their tummies, so she wanted to make sure her babies didn't eating too much. Ash liked everything, but Jace was careful, no tummy aches for him. Especially when there was green cake was waiting in the kitchen for dessert.

Laurel was glad they were going to go outside after lunch so Daddy and Sevvy could ride their new bicycles. She liked riding on Daddy's handlebars.

Ash slid off his chair and carefully carried his plate into the kitchen. Daddy took it from him with a smile and a kiss.

"Thank you, love." Daddy patted his head. "Make sure you go to the loo before we go outside."

Ash nodded and ran towards the bathroom, bouncing from foot to foot as Jace went. Sevvy helped them wash their hands and went with them outside. Padfoot was waiting and began to bark, running around them. Ash chased him, loving the feel of the warm sun. Jace and Sevvy were running after them and they were all laughing.

Harry rode his bicycle, green like Sevvy's, Laurel held onto the handle bars with a Sticking Charm, grinning like an idiot. He'd yearned for a bike as a child, sick with envy every time Dudley had gotten a new one, and now, thanks to Severus, he had one of his own.

He'd done his best to show Severus his appreciation the night before, riding Severus' cock hard. There was a faint bruise on Harry's hip where Severus had gripped him as Harry pushed him beyond the bounds of control, Severus thrusting up until they had both climaxed with a shout.

Severus watched as Ash and Jacien tormented Padfoot with their game of tag. In the distance, he could see Harry with Laurel and little Severus on their bicycles with Cushioning Charms firmly in place. Severus didn't have a bike when he was young, but Lily allowed had him to use hers whenever he wanted. Watching Harry teach their son to ride his new bike yesterday had been a pleasure, his love evidenced in his patience.

It was the same love and patience that Harry lavished on Severus. Watching Harry, Severus realized he treasured his children, but Harry was his life.


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