Assessing the Damage ~ SS & HP ~ PG-13

Title: Assessing the Damage
Author: [personal profile] lilyseyes
Pairing: Severus Snape / Harry Potter
Word Count: 100 x 6
Rating : PG-13
Challenge: [community profile] harry100 337: Career / [community profile] snarry100 628: Late Night
Warnings: * AU, Harry is seven, mentions of child abuse/neglect*
Summary: Severus meets a child in need – what does he do now?
Part of the Worthy Child Series
Disclaimer: JKR owns the Potterverse – I just play in it. No money is made from these amateur works.

"—more neglect than abuse, although he has an inordinate amount of prior fractures in his hands and arms. The was a traumatic closed head wound which injured his optic nerve and caused a concussion."

Harry woke to a lady's voice and he forced his eyes open, looking for his new guardian. Severus was standing beside him, listening.

"—underdeveloped, malnourished, beginnings of scurvy! Never in my career—"

Harry gasped as the lady turned and came at him with a stick, throwing himself backwards.

"Harry!" Severus caught him and sat down with Harry in his lap. "It's all right!"

Feeling out of his depth, Severus attempted to calm the child by rubbing the small back. It was something his mother had done for him late at night, after his father had passed out. Harry's hand fisted in the front of his jumper.

Severus pulled back slightly. "Poppy is just checking to see where you've been hurt, Harry. That is her wand, not something she's going to hit you with."

Harry relaxed slightly, leaning against Severus. "Okay."

"Poppy, cast the diagnostic again, please."

Severus could see Harry watching carefully, gasping as the previously injured bones in his hand glowed blue.

"It tingles," Harry said softly, keeping his eyes on his hand.

Severus' arm around him tightened and Harry looked up. "That means you are able to sense magic, Harry. Poppy is going to do two more checks, so hold still."

Nodding, Harry held himself stiffly as he felt more tingles in his back and legs. After a minute, there was a sharp twinge in his forehead. He couldn't help but rub his fingers over his scar. Severus tugged his hand away gently.


The lady smiled at Harry. "Didn't your career path require knowing runes, Severus?"


"It's sigel."

Frowning, Severus turned Harry slightly to see the lightning bolt shaped scar. "Did the spell make your scar hurt, Harry?"

Apprehensive green eyes met his and Severus gave him what he hoped was a reassuring smile.

"A little bit."

Severus carded his fingers through the tousled hair, when Harry's stomach rumbled.

"Are you hunger?"

Harry nodded, his eyes darting toward Poppy as she sat down.

"A late-night snack would help with the potions I have, Severus."


The house-elf brought Harry a bowl of ice cream covered in fresh berries, which Harry happily tucked into still perched on Severus' lap.

Harry loved ice cream! The few times he'd gotten to taste Dudley's leftovers, he thought ice cream was the perfect food. When he grew up, Harry decided he wanted to be an ice cream man.

"Why would the Killing Curse rebound and leave behind an Old English rune?"

"I wondered that myself when I examined Harry afterwards."

"I didn't realize—"

"Yes, which is why I know the babe was unblemished when he was delivered to Surrey, except for the anomaly around the scar."


Harry looked up when Severus' voice sounded funny, but his guardian gave him a smile.

Severus wasn't surprised when Harry fell asleep as soon as his ice cream was finished, it was late for a seven-year-old. Making him comfortable on the sofa, Severus wrapped his hands around a fresh mug of tea Max brought.

"He's so small." Poppy's voice was hushed.

"They didn't feed him much," Severus responded grimly. "What does he need?"

"Nutrition Potion, Growth Stimulant, Iron Elixir, Scar Removal Paste, and a Nerve Regenerator," Poppy listed off. "And I get to hex Dumbledore first."


"I'll support your adoption, Severus, as will the evidence. Harry's not going back!"

Severus relaxed and smiled.


*pets Harry!* *hugs Severus* *Glomps Poppy* But hey didn't she say he went umblemished to the Dursleys?? Nice plot twist!