I was tagged weeks ago by [info]alisanne and haven't had time to do it until now!

When you get this, please post 10 facts about yourself:

1. My Dad worked for the federal government and moved my family frequently when I was growing up, including significant amounts of time in Fairfax County Virginia, York Nebraska, and went through high school in American Samoa.

2. I was born in Placer County, California and, ironically, have lived here for the past 35 years.

3. My favorite way to spend time is with writing with friends, quiet conversation (or chat!), and brainstorming ideas.

4. I hate talking on the phone - perhaps its easier to understand if you know I've been a 911 dispatcher for over 28 years.

5. I'm an introvert, really, who treasures the few very good friends that I have - almost all of them made through HP fandom.

6. That being said, I love teaching a class full of people.

7. I'm a certified Master Instructor

8. Writing classes for dispatchers has been rewarding, but interferes with my Snarry writing!

9. I have three dogs and the littlest, Scooter the Yorkie (terrorist puppy) rules the house.

10. Hubby and I celebrate 20 years married (28 together) next month!
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