Restless Interlude ~ SS/HP ~ PG-13

Title: Restless Interlude
Author: [info]lilyseyes
Pairing: Severus Snape / Harry Potter
Word Count: 100 x 4
Rating : PG-13
Challenge: [info]snarry100 #579: Vital / [info]harry100 Prompt #312: Restless
Warnings: * Mpreg*
Disclaimer: JKR owns the Potterverse – I just play in it. No money is made from these amateur works.
Summary: Severus brings together law enforcement officers from many agencies to form a task force designed to handle high-profile crimes, quietly. The SIU specializes in speedy apprehensions and resolutions. (This drabble is set in June 2013) The SIU Series.

"When Papa gets home, we're going to brew a potion!"

Harry smiled at Gabe's exuberance as he tucked Michael into his Moses basket. Guiding his son out of the bedroom, Harry felt restless as he moved towards the kitchen. Even though they were on leave with the new baby, Severus had felt if vital to attend critical briefings and keep up on their special responsibilities. Harry felt a bit disgruntled, although he was thoroughly enjoying his time at home, he did miss the fast pace of work.

"Daddy?" Gabe tugged at his hand. "Can you and me do some'thun together?"

Severus stepped out of the Floo and was greeted with the unusual sound of silence. Surprised, he moved to look into their bedroom and frowned as he saw Michael moving restlessly in his cot. Before he could cry, Severus lifted the baby up.

"Where is your father, little one?" Severus asked, changing the wet nappy. "He forgot to set a monitoring charm on you, a vital oversight."

Michael gurgled as Severus carried him to the kitchen. He stopped as he caught sight of Harry, sprawled in the window seat with Gabriel laying against his chest, both sound sleeping.

Severus smiled.

Fingers carding gently through his hair woke Harry and he opened his eyes to see Severus standing over him holding Michael. A warm weight was draped across his chest.

"I must have fallen asleep while I was reading to Gabe," he told Severus softy, standing up with Gabe in his arms.

Severus followed him as Harry tucked Gabe into bed for a nap. They returned to the kitchen where Harry fed the baby.

"So what vital information did the team have?"

Severus drummed his fingers restlessly. "They've gotten a lead on the terrorist cell involved in the soldier's death last month."

Watching Harry feed their son was something Severus loved to do. It tended to soothe his restlessness and calm him. He could feel the gentle pulse of Harry's magic surround them as Harry switch Michael to the other nipple. It was truly indescribable.

Later, they' d discuss the developments in the investigation of a soldier, a Squib, who'd been brutally killed on the street just days before their son's birth. A horrific crime the whole team was involved in and vital to the investigation.

In this moment, however, Severus cherished the interlude with Harry and their son, creating cherished memories.


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What a beautiful picture: Harry and Gabriel sleeping peacefully...

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Thank you, bb! I'm so glad you enjoyed it - and yes, Harry needs to be careful what he wishes, as babies grow so fast! I know he won't want to miss a minute of Michael's 'firsts'. Gabriel and Severus will be there, regardless!

So beautiful-you could just feel the absolute love surrounding the family.
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