Unicorn Breath ~ SS/HP ~ NC-17

Title: Unicorn Breath
Rating :NC-17
Author: [info]lilyseyes
Word Count: 100 X 10
Challenge: [info]snarry100#578: Clear
Warnings: * Implied Mpreg*
Disclaimer: JKR owns the Potterverse – I just play in it. No money is made from these amateur works.
Summary: Glimpses life with the Potter-Snape family. Another in the Breathe Series
A/N: ♥ For [info]alisanne, thank you for your hospitality! ♥

Severus cleared off his worktable as he added the final ingredient to his potion, stirring it seven times anti-clockwise. Seven, a powerful magical number and one he hoped would empower the potion.

Seven, the age of his youngest sons, Jacien had just celebrated his birthday and Ash's was this week. Jacien, the most like Severus of their children, and Ash who was a miniature Harry. Little Severus was a perfect blend of the two of them, while Laurel was a blend of her grandmothers.

Shaking his head, Severus couldn't believe his oldest would be eleven in a matter of weeks.

Laurel held the tray of supplies for Auntie Poppy as she cleaned off the first-year's hand. With a white apron covering her blue dress and a small white hat on her head, Laurel looked like a miniature mediwitch.

"Laurel, please hand me the Burn Paste."

Balancing the tray, Laurel handed over the pot of orange paste. She loved the special lessons she had with Auntie Poppy, loved learning about being a healer, and how to properly use her gift without draining herself.

"Stay clear of those fire salamanders in the future, Miss Chancy," Auntie Poppy said, sending the girl out.

"Boys, look there, across the clearing," Harry whispered, holding back a branch.

"Ohhhh," Ash and Jace gasped softly at the unicorn foal.

Sevvy silently push aside another limb, giving his brothers a better view, and Harry smiled at him. His oldest had gone through a growth spurt, coming up to Harry's chest now, all coltish with gangly limbs. His baby was growing up, Harry thought with a twinge of sadness. Come September, Sevvy would be a Hogwarts' student.

"Daddy! Look!" Jace's said in an awed voice.

The unicorn herd had all joined the foal, a magnificent stallion at the front.

Ash step out from behind the trees first, standing perfectly still as the herd raised its head as one. The huge unicorn in the front gave a snort, turning towards him as Jace stepped out beside him. The foal, gold coat gleaming in the sunlight, took a step before the big one pawed at the ground. Ash recognized it as a clear sign to the foal to stop.

"I think he wants to see all of us," Daddy said, as he and Sevvy stepped out beside them.

Ash remained still, waiting for the unicorn to decide if they were safe.

Jacien stood beside his brother, amazed at how many unicorns were in front of them. He knew that unicorn tail hair was used in special potions and hoped he could take some to Papa. He heard Daddy sigh softly and reached to take his hand.

"I'm sorry, boys, I think it's me they don't like—"

Just then, the big unicorn lifted his head and looked right at Daddy, snorting and then bobbing his head. The unicorn walked slowly to them, stopping in front of Daddy and lowering his head. Clearly amazed, Daddy reached out slowly and stroked his head.

Sevvy watched with a grin as the leader of the herd nuzzled Dad's chest and the foal trotting over to get his share of petting from Ash and Jace. As Sevvy reached out his hand, another one of the herd moved forward to push a nose into it. Soon they were surrounded by the whole herd, with several unicorns allowing them to card their fingers through their tails to collect tail hair.

Dad seemed amazed at the friendliness of the unicorns, but Sevvy knew they could clearly sense the love in his father's heart and the power of his magic.

Severus held Laurel's hand as they walked down towards the Forbidden Forest, where Harry was giving the boys a herbology lesson. Following a well-marked path, Severus stopped as they entered a clearing, seeing his family surrounded by the unicorn herd. With a delighted squeal, Laurel let go of his hand and moved to join her brothers. Staying where he was, Severus marveled at the look on Harry's face. The unicorns' acceptance of the children wasn't surprising, but Harry was clearly amazed at their reaction to him.

His own soul had been too damaged for Severus to expect the same reception.


Ash walked over to where his father was standing, the foal following behind him. He wasn't sure why Papa wasn't coming to see the unicorns. The big unicorn trotted after them, like Papa would come with him to make sure he was all right. Ash smiled as the father unicorn stopped in front of Papa and sniffed him. Papa cleared his throat as Ash grabbed his hand.

"Look, Papa, the unicorns gave us tail hairs!" Ash held up the strands clenched tightly in his other hand.

"That is wonderful," Papa said, giving the unicorns a bow. "My sincere thanks."

Laurel loved the unicorns! Their noses were soft and they made her a feel peaceful. There was an aura around them, a pureness that Laurel could feel and she smiled as the littlest one let her stroke his nose. Even Papa looked relaxed as he watched the unicorns walking away. The radiant faces of her babies, looking so big at seven, made her smile.

Papa and Daddy were clearly having a problem with their children growing up. Laurel smiled as she took Jace's hand and followed her fathers back to the castle. She would always take care of her family.

Harry grasped the edges of Severus' desk tightly, the top cleared with a flick of Severus' wand, as Severus pounded into him. Keening as Severus hit his sweet spot again, Harry felt his balls tighten and clamped down around Severus' cock. Harry rocked backward, taking Severus deep as he came on the desk.

"Fuck!" Severus ground out, filling Harry with his release.

They both collapsed forward onto the desk, gasping. After they'd caught their breath, Severus helped Harry up.

"Ow." Harry stretched his back. "I'm getting too old—"

"Says the not-quite thirty-year old," Severus snorted.

"Love you, too."



Love this whole thing but my favorite parts are all of the ones with the unicorns. Seeing the adults accepted very nearly brought me to tears. Which would have been difficult to explain as I'm at work again. ;-)
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Love it.
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Thank you for this story, dear lilyseyes! The meeting with the unicorns was simply wonderful! I love Harry's happiness at their acceptance of him, and Severus - even though he stood back ... ah, I have no words. I love it.
Unicorns are so special! Thank you! *hugs*
It's touching that the unicorns could look inside the hearts of the 2 dads, and especially of Severus with his dark past, and see the love and goodness in them.
*nods* yes, exactly! Thank you!
Just reading that "x10" made me so happy before even starting... :D One of my fav things in this universe when unicorns find Severus worthy despite his self doubt. It's so touching, I always blink a lot... (And makes me miss Rakina <3 )
Ohh, yes, dear Rakina! :( I miss her too!

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I wondered if we were going to hear from the Potter-Snape's again. Especially loved Laurel getting to see the unicorns.
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Oh, bb, this is a delight.
I love the unicorns, and their reaction to the Snape-Potters. <3
And of course, the last sexy bit is delicious. UNF.
What a lovely installment!
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Thanks for being such a gracious hostess (sushi!) and for making it a memorable trip!

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Wow! Absolute acceptance from the unicorns is just so beautiful! Thank you for the update and sharing your family with us!
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