Courting Christmas II ~ SS/HP ~ R

Title: Courting Christmas II
Author: [info]lilyseyes
Pairing: Severus Snape / Harry Potter
Word Count: 100 x 4
Rating : R
Challenge: [info]adventdrabbles #28 Plum Pudding / #29 Christmas Cocktails / #30 Fireworks / #31 New Year Baby
Warnings: * AU, EWE, new relationship, eighth year fic, student/teacher*
Summary: Severus insists on a proper courtship, Harry has other ideas – the Courtship Series.
Disclaimer: JKR owns the Potterverse – I just play in it. No money is made from these amateur works.

Harry watched as Mrs. Weasley carefully carried a tray to the table. "Is that the plum pudding?" he asked Severus in a whisper.

Severus nodded, reaching to take his hand. Harry wasn't sure he could eat any of the traditional dessert after learning how it was made. Anything that took a year to ripen and then was set on fire, wasn't something he wanted to eat.

"Take a bite, you impetuous brat," Severus whispered back. "You don't want bad luck in the New Year, do you?"

Harry shook his head and tried not to flinch when the pudding was lit.

Severus refrained from rolling his eyes at his fiancée. Merlin forbid if Harry ever asked how black pudding was made! He eyed the delicious looking Christmas cocktails Arthur had lined up on the sideboard, deciding he'd be better to retain his faculties for the evening. Being tipsy would lower his resistance to temptation and Harry was the embodiment of that!

Smirking at Harry's grimace, Severus took his spoon and ate the rest of Harry's plum pudding with delight.

When they moved into the sitting room, Severus tugged Harry behind a curtain.

"You're going to kiss me with that mouth?"


Harry couldn't have resisted the kiss if he'd tried, despite Severus' tasting like brandy and plum. Severus pressed him against the wall, sliding a thigh between Harry's legs, and rocked his hips. Harry saw fireworks behind his eyelids.

A tingle of magic washed over him and Harry opened his eyes to see Severus watching him with a deep, intense expression that Harry knew was love. It warmed him all over and he smiled.

"Hurry! George brought fireworks!" Ron yelled.

Stepping out, Harry followed Severus to the garden, where the Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes Fire Whiz-bangs were already exploding in the sky.

Severus stepped into the house, looking for Harry. He'd taken his godson inside when the fireworks had frightened Teddy. Severus found them in the sitting room, Silencing Charm blocking the sounds of the Whiz-bangs. Pausing in the doorway, Severus silently watched as Harry rocked side-to-side, humming to Teddy, seemingly mesmerized by the baby.

Something clenched in Severus' chest as he took in the expression on Harry's face as Teddy fell asleep. Harry glanced up, giving Severus a fond smile and all Severus could pictured was Harry holding their child.

"Happy New Year, Severus," Harry whispered.

"Happy New Year, my Harry."


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