Harry's Perfect Christmas ~ SS & HP ~ PG

Title: Harry's Perfect Christmas
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating :PG
Pairing: Severus Snape & Harry Potter
Author: [info]lilyseyes
Word Count: 100 x 5
Prompt: #23: Wrapped presents/War Orphan Gifts / #24 Ugly Christmas Sweater / #25 Warm Woolen Mittens / #26 Midnight Mass / #27 Reindeer
Warnings: *AU, Harry rescued from the Dursleys, implied past child abuse, Harry is nine-years-old *
Disclaimer: JKR owns the Potterverse – I just play in it. No money is made from these amateur works.
Summary: Severus and Harry, Christmas 1989
Little Harry series.

Harry carefully wrapped the box with green and red Christmas paper, tucking in the corners the way his dad taught him. The game was for the orphanage near their house, where kids, whose parents were killed in the war, lived. Two of his classmates lived there and Harry wanted them to have presents. He'd used part of his saving to buy gifts and his dad was going to help him deliver them.

Harry remembered how it felt to be an orphan. Dad said these orphans had very nice caregivers, but Harry knew nothing could take away the loneliness but love.

"Harry, did you pick which ugly sweater you're wearing for your Christmas party at school?" Severus asked as he watched Harry carry in an armful of jumpers.

Grinning, Harry nodded. "The green one with the tinsel."

"Then, what are all these?"

Harry walked over to his desk, leaning against Severus as he corrected essays. "They're ones I've outgrown, Dad. I thought we could take them to the orphanage, for the kids to wear."

Severus tilted his head, noticing that Harry had gone through a growth spurt. Gone was the too-thin waif and in his place stood a tall, slender boy.

Harry hid behind the bush with his dad, thankful for his warm woolen mittens and scarf as the snow fell around them. Dad didn't have to teach, with the students gone for the holidays. He'd even brought more presents for the orphans, knowing Harry had spent all his money on the toys he'd bought for them to share.

The door opened slowly and a dark head peered out at the gifts on the porch, before running back inside. After that, a flood of children swarmed out, yelling and clapping their hands.

Harry felt joy sweep through him as he watched.

Severus held his son's hand as they walked into the small church. A small Nativity was displayed in the vestibule and Harry stopped to study it. They were still observing Yule as well as Christmas, but had decided this year, their emphasis would be on the history of the Christian meaning of the holiday.

Although Harry'd made tremendous progress since he'd come to live with Severus, there were still areas where Petunia's neglect was glaring. Every child needed a foundation of faith to put their hope in during trying times.

Severus smiled as Harry leaned against him during midnight Mass.

Harry bounced out of bed early Christmas morning and carefully dressed in his new green jumper with reindeers around the bottom. Tiptoeing into the kitchen, Harry filled the kettle.

"Happy Christmas, son."

Spinning around, Harry wrapped his arms around his dad's waist. "Thank you for a perfect Christmas, Daddy!"

A hand ruffled his hair. "You haven't even seen your Father Christmas gifts."

Harry grinned. "Doesn't matter, 'cause today is our anniversary of our adoption!"

His father smiled. "Indeed, it is. Now, breakfast first and then presents."

Harry had fun opening his presents, especially the bike he'd always wanted.

"It's perfect!"


Beautiful Xmas story. Thank you.
Thank you! :)
You have such a wonderful ability to draw your reader in, without making much fuss and action (there isn't much 'happening' here) -- but still I think it's beautiful. It's sad and sweet and heartwarming and joyful all at once!

Thank you for writing and sharing this bit of happiness with us, dear lilyseyes. ^^
Thank you for your lovely comment! :D
Love it.
Thank you!
Awww. *sniffs happily*
Gorgeously heartwarming.
I love how thoughtful Harry is about other people. <3
Lovey, bb!
I would have to think that this Harry would be very generous, being so thankful for Severus' rescuing him.

Thank you, bb!
This is so heartfelt and lovely, hon. I can totally believe this of Harry. He would be so generous and grateful.
*nods* Yes, I think Harry would be just that!

Thank you!
Perfection! I love this series because of what could have been is also mixed with what is improved. Thank you for sharing.