Breathe Christmas 2016 ~ SS/HP ~ NC-17

Title: Breathe Christmas 2016
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating : NC-17
Author: [info]lilyseyes
Word Count: 100 x 7
Prompt: #3 – Christmas Fondue / #4 – Pink Christmas Tree / #5 – Christmas Cookies / #6 – Frozen Lake / #7 – Holiday Travel / #8 – Gingerbread Men / #9 - Egg Nog
Warnings: * past Mpreg*
Disclaimer: JKR owns the Potterverse – I just play in it. No money is made from these amateur works.
Summary: Glimpses life with the Potter-Snape family. Another in the Breathe Series

Sevvy carefully added the shredded cheese into the sauce he’d made, stirring constantly as Kreacher nodded approvingly. Humming, Sevvy continued to stir, just like Papa had taught him to, the aroma of cheese and bread, still hot from the oven, filled the air. Although he loved Hogwarts, Sevvy had missed their house and was glad they’d come back early for the holidays.

Their Yule celebration in their own forest was always special and Sevvy was delighted to have a bigger role in the celebration. This was his favorite time of year and Sevvy was excited to get the holidays started.

Laurel smiled as she walked through the large store looking at all the wonderful Christmas displays. A large pink Christmas tree made giggle as she considered her Papa’s reaction to having it in their house and Auntie Hermione rolled her eyes. There was a rainbow tree as well, which Laurel knew her brothers would love

The decorations were so much fun to look at as they maneuvered through the crowds. Laurel loved her annual shopping trip with her Auntie and to see all the wondrous sights in Muggle London.

They’d even watched the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace!

Ash nibbled on the edge of the candy cane-shaped Christmas cookie the store man gave him as he held Jace's hand. Papa was letting them help do the holiday shopping for Daddy's present. They were also going to pick out Yule gifts for Lulu and Sevvy, too. Bouncing on his toes, Ash looked into the glass case Papa was studying.

"Which one do you think your father would like, boys?" Papa asked, as the store man opened the top.

"The one with the snake," Jace said, pointing at the shiny green one Ash was looking at.

"Yes!" Ash nodded, agreeing.

Jacien patted his pocket to make sure his Christmas cookie was still safe as he walked with Papa and Ash. He wasn't too keen on shopping but Papa had asked he and Ash to help. They had walked to town, right past the frozen lake where Papa said the creek on their property went to. The lake looked like a giant mirror and Jacien was curious what it looked like close up.

"We'll go ice skating when the lake freezes completely," Papa told him as they walked home.

Jacien smiled at him and nodded, holding tighter to his Papa's hand.

Severus smiled at his youngest sons as they walked back towards the house. Recasting a non-verbal Warming Charm over them, Severus kept a tight grip on the boys' hands as they crunched along the icy lane. The skies were gray and threatening, the temperature cold enough to freeze. He was glad they'd been able to get most of their shopping done as he was sure they'd have snow by morning.

Perhaps he should've given Harry's suggestion of spending the hols in the warm Greek Islands more consideration; Severus had enough of this frigid weather.

Severus decided hot cocoa was necessary.

Harry flooed into the sitting room, setting the shopping bags down before casting a Notice Me Not Spell over them. He followed the sound of voices and laughter into the kitchen where he found his husband, children, and Hermione gathered around drinking hot cocoa and sampling what looked like cheese fondue.

"Are we having a party?" Harry asked with a smile, greeting each of them with a hug and a kiss.

"It's a hot chocolaty kind of day, Daddy," Laurel told him.

"Ah, then these fresh gingerbread men cookies would be welcome?" Harry took a bag from his robes.


Severus thrust hard, rocking Harry forward as Harry braced himself on all fours in front of the fireplace, their glasses of eggnog forgotten on the table while they indulged in their favorite adult activity. The flames that leaped amoung the logs were almost as hot as Severus felt, balls deep, as Harry groaned and pushed against him. Leaning down, Severus reached beneath Harry, wrapping his hand around Harry's cock.

"Fuck, Severus," Harry moaned, his muscles contracting as Severus felt Harry spill over his fingers.

Straightening, Severus thrust hard, twice, before burying himself deep as he came.

"Happy Christmas, love."



Now *this* is the way to celebrate the holidays! Wonderful writing and so very good to see this much loved family.

And Happy Holidays to you too, [info]lilyseyes!
Happy holidays to you as well! Thank you!
Wonderful pre-Christmas day for the family.
Thank you!
So nice to see the Breathe family again, and to see them celebrating the holidays. <3
Wonderful, bb! Great job!
*hugs* Thank you! It wouldn't be Christmas without them!
Perfection as always! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Hope your holidays were wonderful! :)
Such a lovely present for us! Thanks so much. Happy to see them having the warm and cosy life they deserve so much <3 The kids are growing up, don't they? :)
Hope your holidays were lovely! Thanks! :)
What a wonderful day (for hot cocoa and gingerbread men) for them all. ;) It seemed that they all were doing something they liked.

Thank you for this sweet piece. I almost wrote 'peace' instead of 'piece' and deleted it, but in fact, 'peace' would have been an okay word, too - not grammatically correct, but still fitting. Thank you!

(And I hope you've had some peaceful and happy days like that yourself)
Thank you! I hope your holidays were wonderful and peaceful! :)
So pleased you let us look into this family at the holidays.

No orange tree???
Our little girl is growing up.

Thank you and blessed New Year to you and yours.
I have a hard time fathoming that I've been writing the Breathe series since April 2006. They are all growing up!

Hope your holidays were wonderful!
Thank you!
Love it.
Nothing says the holidays like the Breathe family! Loved the pre holiday celebrations. Especially that last one. Happy holidays, Lily!
Hope your holidays were fabulous! Thank you again for the box of goodies!